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Sixty-percent of pastors worldwide are untrained or have no training at all. Lifeschool has answered this challenge by designing a self-study training program that takes the school to the student rather than requiring the student to come to the school. No longer do pastors have to go to school; now the school comes to them, allowing practical Bible training, which pastors can easily learn and then teach to their church members, to be taken to the most remote places of the earth—at no cost to the pastor!

Lifeschool equips pastors and then the pastors equip their church members. As a result of this multiplication strategy, Lifeschool has grown from 150 pastors to over 1,600 pastors in just 3 years. The net effect is that Lifeschool pastors have impacted over 120,000 people in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Congo, and Zambia.


“The study has enriched my personal devotion and rejuvenated my zeal to pursue God's calling to serve His people with excellence. These teachings have enabled my ministry to be more effective and fulfilling....I've grown closer to God and my ministry has come alive again. I have a renewed zeal to serve the Lord more diligently....Believers have improved in their punctuality in the church. They are now more open to share encouraging experiences during group discussions. There is a general eagerness to learn more from the Lord.” — Pastor Stephen Opanga, Kenya

"The impact of the material is great, the courses have become a companion. They have awakened me to new truths that I was not paying much attention to. These are very powerful materials. And I really thank Lifeschool for such powerful teachings. The impact of these teachings on my church is great. Many members now know how to pray, praise and worship, and they understand their inheritance in Christ. Many now lift their hands before the Lord in worship without even being asked. Because of Lifeschool teachings, some church members arrive early for Sunday morning worship and intercession and love the teaching hour. We are also experiencing an increase in numbers and our fellowship is growing. Because of these teachings, many are now alive and have a desire for the things of God." — Pastor Paul Musungu, Kenya

Since the average church size is 50 people, every $5 you give will transform 1 person

Update from 7/9/2014

Your continued support allowed 70 pastors in the Matunda, Kenya area to graduate. Here they are like marching in rank, like the army of the Lord.

Update from 7/9/2014

Thanks to the excellent work of our leader Evans Suza in Matunda, Kenya, we had over 70 new students graduate last Saturday.

Update from 7/9/2014

Lifeschool graduates walk through downtown Matunda.

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